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Klaas Gubbels' sculpture "Max" is on display and for sale in our gallery.

Klaas Gubbels

Klaas Gubbels (born Rotterdam, 1934) is a Dutch artist. He is one of the best-known Dutch visual artists, although he himself finds the word "artist" too weighty: An artist suffers? He always says, "Hup, paint and no fuss." Klaas Gubbels was born in the Rotterdam of 1934. He studied Advertising painting there and later did an evening course at the Academy of Fine Arts. He now lives in Arnhem and also has a beautiful studio here. But besides Arnhem, he also has a studio in France.

Impressions artworks by Klaas Gubbels

Klaas Gubbels has become famous for his still lifes of mainly tables, chairs and coffee pots. He uses the combination of words and visual art more often.

Gubbels seeks his subjects in the purest, platonic form. No line is redundant. He does not draw a coffee pot but describes poetry, aggression or, on the contrary, dullness. Beauty is unreal and gets in the way of the highest good, truth. Making a beautiful painting does not amount to anything. But a good painting, that which ís, that is different.