William Malucu

Olav van Lede

Emiliana Cordaro

Karin Vermeer

Sebastião SR Rodrigues


Yulia Muravyeva

Van Apple

Angeles Nieto

Snek Popsicle Art

Guy Olivier

Sergi Miro

Enric Pont

Freddie Segers

Ad van Hassel

Ger van Tankeren

Jack Liemburg

Herman Brood

Miguel Peidro


Carolien Bosch

Ron van Vliet

Nicole Laceur

Hans Jochem Bakker

Miguel Angel Nuñez

Martin Copier

Tineke Stoffels

Caro Sofia

Jochem de Graaf


Francisca Kalmijn

Maria de Vries

Ronald Chapeau

James Chiew

Jörg Ridderbusch

Caspar van Houten

Henry Brand

Tanneke Peetoom

John Konijn

Joyce van Oorschot

Jack Burger

Mascha de Haas

Micha Baker

Lei Hannen


Peter Donkersloot

Theo Mackaay

Toon Tieland

Ronald Boonacker

Michael Daniels

Will Huiskamp

Pop Art

Dario Bosa

Other artists

Amersfoort Art: a world of art in the heart of Amersfoort

Located in the cozy center of Amersfoort, our gallery, Amersfoort Art, has long been a household name in our region and beyond. We specialize in a wide range of art forms, from abstract art to realistic works, and from traditional oil painting techniques to modern digital techniques.

Versatile collection of contemporary and traditional art

Our gallery represents more than 60 artists, each with their unique style and vision. We offer an extensive collection of paintings, photography, sculptures and various other techniques. Each artwork in our gallery is a testament to our commitment to diversity and quality in art.

Discover our flexible art lending

Our art loan allows you to rent works of art, with 3% of the purchase value per month as the rate. Of this amount, 2% is accumulated as savings and 1% is used for lending fees. This makes it easy to change art regularly and eventually purchase your favorite piece.

Expert advice and custom framing service

In addition to selling and lending artwork, we have a framing studio with over 1,000 different frames. Our experienced team is happy to provide advice on how to best showcase the artwork in both private and corporate settings.

Art consulting and framing services for businesses

For nearly 25 years, we have offered personalized advice and services to individuals and businesses. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to work with you to find the ideal art solution for your space.

Experience the art at Amersfoort Art

We invite everyone to visit our gallery and experience the diverse world of art. The coffee is ready and our team is ready to welcome and guide you into the wonderful world of art.