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Philippo's artworks are on display in the gallery, for sale and also available in our art loan.

Philippo - 003


New to the collection at Amersfoort Art, Italian artist Philippo. Stop by the gallery to see the works in person.

Impressions artworks by Philippo

Phillipo is an Italian artist now based in Madrid. Philippo makes mostly abstract art. Since childhood, he has been in love with the work of Vasili Kandinsky and Jason Pollock. Phillipo, however, has created a unique and elegant style. The highlights of his artworks are the color and passion he reflects. 20 years ago, the artist decided to move to France, where he found love, peace and inspiration, the essential elements for each unique creation. Phillipo likes to play with shape and color. His technique is mixed, mixing pigments, pouring them onto the surface of the canvas and letting them flow freely. He creates very interesting abstract paintings and does not allow himself to be repeated, which is why his original works are unique.