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Micha Baker's artworks are for sale at Amersfoort Art and also available in our art loan.

Micha Baker

Micha Baker is a Brazilian artist. Recently, he has devoted himself to crafting the Icons Series. A series of portraits of world-famous stars, made on dibond and finished with a thick layer of epoxy resin. The edition of each work is limited to only 10 copies.

Impressions artworks by Micha Baker

Micha was born in Sao Paulo and after taking classes in techniques with various artists for 5 years, he began training in illustrative design. In this he found the sources of inspiration for his current works and soon made use of modern possibilities and techniques to create his works. Micha paints mostly figurative art, from exuberant portraits to lush flower arrangements. He has been living in the Netherlands for some time and has won the hearts of many an art lover at home and abroad.