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The artworks of Hans Jochem Bakker are for sale at Amersfoort Art and where indicated also available in our art loan.

Hans Jochem Bakker

Hans Jochem Bakker is self-taught and made his breakthrough at the end of the last century with JOADOR, an artist duo, which achieved worldwide fame.

Impressions artworks by Hans Jochem Bakker

Inspired by artists such as Salvador Dalí, Miró and Picasso, he incorporated parts of their southern temperament into his subject matter, such as a particular interest in bullfights, birds, horses and women.

In his earlier period, he mainly followed in the footsteps of Salvador Dali, using themes full of mystical and nightmarish images. This produced highly detailed, extraordinarily cleverly painted visions. His working method became expressionist after this. The artist had freed himself from his self-imposed straitjacket, and the new work expressed unbridled joy at that liberation from the outset.

As spontaneous as possible, honest, straight from passionate artists' hearts. Everything is in motion, and that is also the main reason to keep painting. This completes the act of painting and the painting becomes a unity of form, color and movement.

In our gallery in Amersfoort you will find a large collection of artworks by Hans Jochem Bakker. Please feel free to contact us if the artwork of your interest is in the gallery and available for rental.