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Sebastião SR Rodrigues' artworks are on display in the gallery, for sale and also available in our art loan.

Sebastião SR Rodrigues

Sebastião SR Rodrigues is a Portuguese artist. From the age of eight, with no father or money for school, Sebastião had to work hard. But in addition to his innate perseverance, Sebastião proved to be a natural at drawing.

Impressions artworks by Sebastião SR Rodrigues

He once showed a drawing to a teacher, who told him he should later become a painter. Although others did not like his choice of painter or draughtsman, that did not stop Sebastião from following his own path. He has since been making art for decades, under his stage name SR Rodrigues and exhibiting in galleries in the United States, Japan, Europe and Brazil, among others.

SR Rodrigues lives and works in both Portugal and Brazil. The moment SR Rodrigues engages in painting he discovers his own soul. He is a cartographer of himself. In his canvases he uses beautiful earthy colors, combined with different (basic) shapes, such as circles and rectangles. SR Rodrigues is always very dedicated in his search for the right structure, the perfect balance and the finest combinations. Without optimism, he cannot create anything new.