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Acrylic Paintings

Amersfoort Art has a large collection of acrylic paintings.

Acrylic paintings are works of art using acrylic paint as a medium. Acrylic paint is a water-based paint in which the pigments are dissolved in an emulsion of acrylic resins and water. It is fast-drying, which means it is easy to build layers and complete the artwork quickly.

Acrylic paint paintings can be created on canvas, paper, wood, cardboard and other surfaces. They can range from realistic to abstract, and can depict various subjects, such as portraits, landscapes, still lifes and abstract designs. Acrylic paint can be used in thin or thick layers and can be mixed with other media such as ink, chalk and oil pastels.

Acrylic paint has gained great popularity in recent decades because of its quick drying time, versatility and durability. It is widely used by both beginning and professional artists because of its many advantages, including the ability to paint over mistakes and its fast drying time. Many well-known artists, including Andy Warhol, David Hockney and Gerhard Richter, have used acrylic paint in their works. Amersfoort Art includes acrylic paintings by Yulia Muravyeva, Guy Olivier, Karin Vermeer and many more. View the full collection online or stop by the gallery in Amersfoort!