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The artwork of Freddie Segers is on display in the gallery, for sale and also available in our art loan.

Freddie Segers

Freddie Segers (March 19, 1963 - Feb. 28, 2016) was a Dutch artist who gained notoriety at home and abroad under the name Vansegers.

Impressions artworks by Freddie Segers

From his youth in Helmond, Freddie was fascinated in cityscapes, nature and architecture. Later, the village scenes he found in Tuscany attracted his interest. The old, pure look struck him had a lived-in character that had a history attached to it. It had a degree of impermanence then became an inspiration for many beautiful works of art. The supply of artwork by Freddie Segers has become quite scarce after his death in 2016. The works of art are mainly with art lovers and collectors. Recently, Amersfoort Art Gallery was able to get its hands on a beautiful painting by Freddie. The distinctive structured style is instantly recognizable. The artwork is framed with HansenArt's well-known stainless steel designer frames.