Beer mat Sleep On (sold)


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Beer mat ‘Sleep On’ – a unique artwork by Herman Brood

A work of art on a beer mat

‘Slaap Verder’ is a beautiful original artwork by iconic Dutch artist Herman Brood. This unique piece was drawn by Herman himself on a beer mat, making it a special and valuable addition to any art collection. The artwork comes with a certificate of authenticity, underlining its authenticity and exclusivity.

Exclusive framing

The artwork was recently framed in a beautiful high-gloss black ornament frame. The frame has a black acid-free passepartout with a round cutout, which further emphasizes the drawing on the beer mat. For optimal conservation, the artwork was placed behind special 99% UV-resistant glass to preserve its colors and details.

A real eye-catcher

‘Sleep On’ is without a doubt a real eye-catcher. This unique artwork immediately attracts attention and is a talking point in any room. It can be admired in our gallery in Amersfoort and is also available in our art loan. In addition, it is also possible to purchase this artwork easily online.

About Herman Brood

Herman Brood was a Dutch musician, painter and media personality known for his eccentric lifestyle and contributions to the Dutch rock scene. His paintings are characterized by colorful and lively compositions and his work is internationally appreciated. Brood remains an iconic figure in Dutch pop culture, and his legacy lives on in his music, art and unique personality.

Visit Amersfoort Art

Amersfoort Art features an impressive Herman Brood art collection. Many of his works are also available in our art loan. Visit our gallery in Amersfoort to admire this unique artwork and other beautiful pieces.

Add “Sleep Further” by Herman Brood to your collection and enjoy a piece of Dutch art history.