Ink (pattern)


  • Technique Resin
  • Size 23 cm
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Ink (pattern) – a playful art sculpture by Jacky Zegers


Discover “Ink (pattern),” a unique and playful art sculpture by talented artist Jacky Zegers. This cheerful artwork, in the shape of a cat, is covered in colorful patterns that make it a real eye-catcher. Perfect for both home and office, this figurine is guaranteed to bring joy and vibrancy to any space.

Unique technology

The patterns on “Ink (pattern)” are applied using an innovative technique. A thin film with the desired pattern is placed on water. A chemical is used to dissolve the film, leaving only the ink on the surface of the water. The image is then submerged in water, causing the ink to stick to the surface of the image. After the drying process, the sculpture is varnished and provided with white feet, felts and an understamp.

Unique specimens

Each copy of “Ink (pattern)” is unique, meaning you will never encounter two of the same. This makes each figurine a special and personal work of art.

Perfect as a gift

“Ink (pattern)” comes in an attractive gift box, making it a perfect gift for art lovers.

On display in our gallery

Come admire “Ink (pattern)” in our gallery in Amersfoort or easily order online through our webshop.