Jonno (pattern)


  • Technique Resin
  • Size 13 cm
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Jonno (pattern) – a cheerful figurative art sculpture by Jacky Zegers

Unique and colorful design

Discover the colorful and playful art sculpture “Jonno (pattern)” by talented artist Jacky Zegers. This sculpture of a dachshund features vibrant patterns and cheerful colors, making it a real eye-catcher. Perfect for brightening up your home or office and putting a smile on everyone’s face!

Innovative technology

The pattern on “Jonno (pattern)” was applied using an innovative technique. A thin film containing the pattern is placed on a water bath, then the film is dissolved with a chemical. Only the ink remains on the surface of the water. The image is then immersed in water, leaving the ink on the image. After the drying process, the sculpture is varnished and fitted with white feet, felts and an understamp.

Each one is unique

No two copies of “Jonno (pattern)” are the same. Each sculpture is unique and hand-finished, bringing an exclusive work of art into your home. The sculpture has a height of 13 cm and comes in an attractive gift box, which also makes it a perfect gift for art lovers.

View and order

You can admire “Jonno (pattern)” in our gallery in Amersfoort or easily order online through our webshop. Add this unique piece of art to your collection and enjoy the cheerful look it brings.