• Technique Metal
  • Size 180 cm
  • Edition Unica
  • Art lease 28,35 monthly
  • You save 18,90 monthly
Rent for € 28,35 p/m
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Henkie: a unique garden sculpture by Jörg Ridderbusch

‘Henkie’ is an impressive garden sculpture created by renowned artist Jörg Ridderbusch. With a height of 180 cm including base and a weight of about 50 kg, this work of art is a real eye-catcher. The statue comes with a certificate of authenticity and is suitable for outdoor placement. This beautiful and unique artwork can be admired and purchased in our gallery.

About the artist: Jörg Ridderbusch

Jörg Ridderbusch is known for his innovative use of recycled materials, primarily steel. He transforms everyday objects such as stair railings into majestic thrones and makes beautiful wings for birds from car rims. By reusing these materials, Jörg gives emotion to what many consider cold and lifeless. He playfully incorporates this chilly material and combines it with colorful fantasy figures that seem to come straight out of fairy tales and legends.

Characteristics of Henkie

  • Height: 180 cm including pedestal
  • Weight: about 50 kg
  • Material: recycled steel
  • Suitable for outdoor placement
  • Includes certificate of authenticity

A work of art with contrast and color

The weathered, oxidized iron of “Henkie” forms a sharp contrast to the many vibrant colors, making the artwork instantly attention-grabbing. Ridderbusch’s work fascinates many people and is perfectly suited as outdoor art. Not only for its size, but also for its “natural” character: the rusty brown of the iron and the fresh, cheerful colors of the fantasy animals. In a garden or outdoor space, “Henkie” serves as a true eye-catcher to which the eye is drawn again and again.

Availability and art lending

‘Henkie’ by Jörg Ridderbusch is not only for sale, but also available for art loan. Visit our gallery to admire this beautiful work of art in real life and discover the unique charm of Ridderbusch’s creations.