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Martin Copier's artworks are on display in the gallery, for sale and also available in our art loan.

Martin Copier

Martin Copier

Martin Copier is a 2005 graduate of Academy St. Louis. Joost in Breda and has been working as an independent artist ever since. His work is layered and you experience the calmness and patience with which he crafts his work.

Impressions artworks by Martin Copier

He suggests movement and depth and combines painting techniques with woodcut printing. He also stamps paint on the canvas in many of his works, using homemade tools. This technique creates a unique texture of paint where it looks like he is weaving with paint.

Martin likes to bite into a project. He wants to deepen it and make it his own, explore where the boundaries run. He is an artist who has inspiration and is incessantly creating. He seizes the freedom you need as an artist to do what you feel is a necessity.

Researching space from a deep inner conviction. It is interesting how he influences the space and creates a field of tension within it by adding elements such as openings, lines, light or the so typical woodcut prints with moving figures. His work shows that taking space is a choice, this includes giving space, sharing space or claiming space. His work thus becomes an encouragement, an affirmation to follow your own path.

You are sucked into his work and the viewer enters a new universe. He challenges the viewer to open up to his world. Martin Copier's artworks have since found their way to art lovers and collectors from Hong Kong to London.