Sin Titulo VI


  • Technique Acrylic on linen
  • Size 50 x 150 cm
  • Edition Unica
  • Art lease 26,25 monthly
  • You save 17,50 monthly
Rent for € 26,25 p/m
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Sin Titulo VI – an original artwork by Philippo

Discover the beautiful and unique artwork Sin Titulo VI by talented artist Philippo. This artwork, painted with acrylic on linen, offers a captivating visual experience. The sides of the canvas are carefully painted along, allowing the artwork to be hung directly on the wall without a frame. Moreover, the versatility of this abstract work offers the opportunity to hang it both horizontally and vertically to suit any space and style.

Available in our gallery and art loan

Sin Titulo VI is on display at our gallery in Amersfoort. In addition, this artwork is available for sale online and available in our art loan, so you can enjoy Philippo’s creation in your own environment.

About the artist Philippo

Philippo, an Italian artist based in Madrid, is known for his abstract artworks. Inspired by such luminaries as Vasili Kandinsky and Jackson Pollock, Philippo has developed a unique and elegant style that distinguishes his works. His use of color and passion is evident in each artwork, giving them a deep emotional impact.

A life dedicated to art and inspiration

Twenty years ago, Philippo moved to France, where he found the love, peace and inspiration essential to his unique creations. His technique is a fascinating mix of pigments, which he pours onto the canvas and lets flow freely. This method results in very interesting and unique abstract paintings, with no two works being the same.

Be enchanted by the beauty and originality of Sin Titulo VI, and add a piece of Philippo’s passion and creativity to your collection.