The New World Order


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The New World Order

Discover the extraordinary artwork “The New World Order” by Diederik van Appel, a visual spectacle thanks to the unique combination of various materials and a thick layer of epoxy resin. This exclusive artwork is crafted in a limited edition of only 10 pieces, each with subtle differences that make each piece unique.

Unique materials and LED lighting

Various materials are incorporated into The New World Order, giving the artwork rich texture and depth. What makes this artwork truly special is the integrated blue LED lighting. With the included remote control, you can easily turn the lights on and off, allowing the artwork to show a different face at any time of day.

High quality finish and hanging system

The artwork is mounted on a sturdy wooden frame and equipped with a professional hanging system. This means you can hang The New World Order directly on the wall without any extra effort. In addition, each piece comes with a certificate of authenticity, guaranteeing the exclusivity and authenticity of the artwork.

About the artist: Diederik van Appel

Diederik van Appel has worked for many years as an agent for Dutch artists and has visited exhibitions worldwide. During his travels, he developed a strong desire to express his own creativity. His art is a unique blend of digital techniques and photography, often enriched with gold leaf and vibrant colors. The final processing with epoxy gives his work a beautiful 3D effect that continues to fascinate the viewer.

Note: This artwork is currently rented through our art loan. Please contact us for availability.