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Amersfoort Art

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Amersfoort Art features a wide collection of epoxy artworks.

Epoxy art is a form of art in which epoxy resin is used as a medium to create a work of art. Epoxy resin is a two-component material composed of resin and hardener. It is often used as a coating for floors, tables and other surfaces because of its durability and glossy finish.

In epoxy art, the resin and hardener are mixed and poured onto a canvas or other surface. Artists can add pigments and dyes to the resin to create different effects. The epoxy resin hardens into a hard, glossy layer that protects the artwork and gives it a deep, three-dimensional look.

Epoxy art can be created in a variety of styles and shapes, from abstract designs to landscapes and portraits. It is also commonly used to make tables, clocks and other decorative items. Because of the versatility of epoxy resin, the possibilities for epoxy art are almost endless. Amersfoort Art has epoxy artworks by Jack Liemburg, Van Apple, Micha Baker, Custom de Biest, Enric Pont and Mascha de Haas, among others.