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The Mackaay's Golden Calf is available for purchase (online) at Amersfoort Art.

Theo Mackaay

Theo Mackaay (Utrechtt, 1950) is a Dutch artist, sculptor, painter and musician. Was passionate about music and painting as a teenager.

Art object by Theo Mackaay

While studying at the art academy the Gerrit Rietveld and the Rijksacademie in Amsterdam, Mackaay had the opportunity to learn about and admire his classics. In Mackaay's work, the expression of organic form is intensified each time in new and surprising ways. After the famous golden calf he designed in his youth as an award for the Dutch Film Festival, the artist has developed wonderfully.

Mackaay on his work: "Somehow, in my development, I went further and further back in time and eventually ended up with my childhood. I close the door to my studio and there I can make anything I want, the sky is the limit. It takes a great deal of freedom that you choose to be close to yourself and you no longer copy heroes. Therefore, I no longer work from models but only from my imagination. I collected fairy tale books for a long time, I loved them in my youth and part of that fairy tale, that mystical, is perhaps reflected in my work and especially in my paintings."

In his stone and bronze sculptures, the taut details of form shine, in his paintings a striking body of work, the colors shine in a lush range.