Fine Dining 2D Wall Art


  • Technique Hand-painted resin
  • Size 40 x 30 x 5 cm
  • Delivery time 3-5 business days
  • Free shipping Vanaf €50 in NL
  • Inclusive Shipping costs Netherlands
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Fine Dining 2D Wall Art

Fine Dining 2D Wall Art is a beautiful artwork from The Professionals series by renowned artist Guillermo Forchino. This unique piece is a perfect addition for any art lover and ideal as a birthday gift or corporate gift. The artwork comes in a beautiful gift box, which makes it even more special.

Experience the atmosphere of a chef

A pleasant smell of spices drifted into the kitchen. In the oven, an apple pie began to turn a delicious golden brown. In the pan where several vegetables were cooking, celebrity chef Domenico carefully added two pinches of cumin seeds, a little ginger and a little salt. He took a sip of the exquisite drink. “Hmmm… That’s some soup!” he exclaimed, using the back of his sleeve to wipe away the liquid dripping from his chin. In another pan, he simmered a savory stew. He cut a piece of bread, dipped it in the sauce and, with half-closed eyes, brought it to his mouth. A tear of emotion rolled down his cheek. He had managed to recreate the sauce he remembered from his childhood “la salsa della Nonna!”

Visit our gallery in Amersfoort

Want to see this sculpture in real life first? In our gallery in Amersfoort, we have several sculptures by Guillermo Forchino on display. Please feel free to contact us to see if your image is in stock.

Fine Dining 2D Wall Art brings a chef’s passion and emotion to life and is a valuable addition to any art collection.