The Photographer


  • Technique Hand-painted resin
  • Size 20 x 19 x 39 cm
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The Photographer is an image from The Professionals series by Guillermo Forchino. Beautiful sculpture as a gift for a birthday or as a corporate gift.

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“A little bit of glamour! That’s it, that’s it, a little seduction! Click! One more, very good, very good, and smile like a diva, enchant me, give me your femme fatale look. Click! Click! Click! Now the look of lust, eyes focused on the camera. Click! Click!….Ok, one more, click! Click!” “Ok, that’s it, okay,” said the model tired of so much fuss. “But mom,” – replied Alberto Maccagno – “if I don’t practice with you, I will never become a fashion photographer.” “But me, I’m tired of all those flashes singeing my eyelashes!” said the woman, wiping her sweat with a tea towel, and running out of the room to eat the leek soup she had left on the stove. “There is no hope, people don’t understand me,” Alberto thought. And exactly at that moment, his grandmother passed in front of the door…’Grandma, grandma, come, come, sit on this stool…'”