Lady Lawyer


  • Technique Hand-painted resin
  • Size N/A cm
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Lady Lawyer is an image from Guillermo Forchino’s series The Professionals. Beautiful sculpture as a gift for a birthday or as a corporate gift. Free shipping in the Netherlands (Belgium €8.95) – Delivery time 1-3 working days.

During her childhood, Vera Timmons witnessed numerous crimes. One day she saw her neighbor girl, Peter “Freckles,” tear apart her friend Katherine’s teddy bear with a sarcastic smile. The next week, the same Peter, armed with a slingshot, broke Mrs. Carrigan’s window. On another day, “Freckles” stole a handful of candy by sticking his filthy hands in Aunt Mary’s candy bowl. Even if Vera had seen everything, everyone said she was lying and accused her little sister as the culprit in the crime. Injustice, that is, the injustice of having told the truth and no one believed her, is what led Vera Timmons to go to law school. The years passed, and after a brilliant college career, Vera was proud to pursue the profession she so longed for. The one thing she will never be able to understand is how that awful Peter “Freckles” who eventually entered politics and was able to become a minister.