Madam Doctor


  • Technique Hand-painted resin
  • Size N/A cm
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Madam Doctor – a work of art by Guillermo Forchino

An image from the series ‘The Professionals’

Madam Doctor is a stunning sculpture from the acclaimed series “The Professionals” by artist Guillermo Forchino. This unique artwork is a perfect choice as a birthday gift or corporate gift. The image tells a humorous and intriguing story that is sure to attract attention.

The story behind Madam Doctor

At the hospital in Rosario, all the male staff suffered from a stiff neck. The administration decided to investigate the problem and discovered that the cause was the sensual swaying of Dr. Evangelina Gonzalez’s hips. Her ample cleavage and tight dresses attracted the heads of all the male staff except Toni, the nurse, whose interest in the opposite sex was, well, an illusion. The administration suggested Dr. Gonzalez to calm things down a bit, but Evangelina would not listen. So they decided to transfer her to another unit. Two weeks later, all cases of neck stiffness had disappeared, both doctors and patients said. Because they all followed Evangelina. The only one who stayed was Toni.

A perfect gift

Madam Doctor is not only a work of art, but also a topic of conversation. It makes a wonderful gift for art lovers and collectors. Whether you are celebrating an anniversary or looking for a special corporate gift, this sculpture is sure to impress.

About the artist – Guillermo Forchino

Guillermo Forchino is known for his detailed and humorous images. His works are loved worldwide and appreciated for their unique style and craftsmanship. Each image tells a story in a playful and artistic way, and Madam Doctor is a perfect example.

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Madam Doctor is waiting for you to find a new home. Add this artwork to your collection or give it as a gift to a special person in your life.