The Surgeon


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The Surgeon – Guillermo Forchino

An artwork from the series The Professionals

The Surgeon is an impressive sculpture from The Professionals series by renowned artist Guillermo Forchino. This artwork captures the essence of a surgeon at work, with a touch of humor and attention to detail.

Perfect as a gift or corporate gift

This beautiful sculpture is an ideal gift for birthdays or as a corporate gift. It comes in a beautiful gift box, which makes it even more special to give and receive.

The story behind The Surgeon

As Mozart’s Symphony No. 40 sounded gracefully in the operating room, Dr. Luis Dantiago Aldaz explained: “Asepsis is vital, no matter how long the surgery takes.” He washed his hands and forearms several times with an enzymatic detergent under running water. He then scrubbed each figure repeatedly and meticulously with antiseptic soap. After ten long minutes, he rinsed off his hands, grabbed a sterile towel and dried himself carefully. Slowly he put on his gloves: first the left one, then the right one. Raising his arms without touching anything, he approached the patient … and to his horror, he saw how a fly came over and landed very subtly on his index finger.

About Guillermo Forchino

Guillermo Forchino
Guillermo Forchino is known for his unique style and humorous approach to art. His creations are loved by art lovers around the world and add a touch of playfulness to any space.


  • Artist: Guillermo Forchino
  • Series: The Professionals
  • Packaging: Fine gift box

Explore the world of Guillermo Forchino and add a unique work of art to your collection with The Surgeon. Order today from Amersfoort Art.