The Golfer


  • Technique Hand-painted resin
  • Size N/A cm
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The Golfer is an image from the series The Professionals by Guillermo Forchino. Beautiful sculpture as a gift for a birthday or as a corporate gift. Ordered before noon, delivered next business day.

The gap was far, Mauro Rugolin had to hit hard but accurately. He knew he could do it; several times he had seen Tiger do the same thing. That afternoon a crowd had come to see him and they all hoped to witness his magnificent playing. He spread his legs exactly as he should. In perfect synchronization, he began a rotation of his shoulders and waste, while stabilizing his right knee slightly. First, he cast a brief glance at his distant target as he drew a small smile of self-importance. He continued his impeccable movement as he focused on the little white ball. He remained motionless for several seconds and with all his strength gave a huge blow to lift a huge clod of earth. The ball was never found, but the clod of earth ended up arcing onto the head of the umpire, who had to be hospitalized because of a huge bruise above his left eye. Free shipping in the Netherlands (Belgium €8.95) – Delivery time 1-2 business days.