The London Taxi


  • Technique Hand-painted resin
  • Size 35x14x14 cm
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London Taxi is an image from the series The Cars by Guillermo Forchino. Beautiful sculpture as a gift for a birthday or as a corporate gift. Comes in handsome gift box and is numbered. Delivery time 1-2 days. Free shipping in the Netherlands (Belgium €8.95).

The sky over London was overcast. A few raindrops began to fall over Kensington. Ten minutes later, they had turned into an outright downpour. “Georges, my dear, if we don’t want Dickens to get wet, we must take a cab,” Margaret declared as she petted her dog. ‘Margaret, my dear, that won’t be easy with this rain. Oh, here comes one now!” cried Georges, holding out his arm to hail the cab. Seeing them at the last moment, the driver of the black cab tried to brake, but one of his wheels went into a huge pothole full of water and soaked them. “Oh!” Georges managed to mutter. He opened the door and, ever the gentleman, let his wife in first to Dickens, both soaked to the bone. “Where to then?” the cab driver asked. “The British Museum, please,” Georges replied imperturbably as a trickle of water fell from his nose. ‘Margaret, my dear, they have an excellent Turner exhibit on that great painter of storms and tempests. I think we’ll be in the perfect mood for it,” he added, with a stiff upper lip.