The Playboy


  • Technique Resin
  • Size 37 x 15 x 12 cm
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The Playboy is an image from the series The Vehicles by Guillermo Forchino. Beautiful sculpture as a gift for a birthday or as a corporate gift. Comes in attractive gift box. Free shipping in the Netherlands (Belgium €8.95) – Delivery time 1-2 business days.

Guillermo-ForchinoCalolo Oviedo had always been a dandy. He loved the company of young women with long legs and voluptuous forms. The day he met Delma, he immediately fell in love, love at first sight. And when the delightful Delma heard that Mr. Oviedo owned many oil wells, she also fell madly in love. An afternoon of wild passion, Calolo was about to sink his yacht. You should have seen him running from the bow to the stern with little jumps, in his swimming trunks, bottle of champagne in hand, chasing the woman of his heart. What passion! Even when Calolo had to stand on a bench to kiss his lover and take pills to maintain his strength, the fervor of his love rose like his shares in the stock market. Until the moment when he fainted and his doctor advised him to calm his lust for love.