The Sidecar Tour


  • Technique Resin
  • Size 24,5 x 17 x 17,5 cm
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The Sidecar Tour is an image from the Cars series by Guillermo Forchino. Beautiful sculpture as a gift for a birthday or as a corporate gift. Comes in attractive gift box.

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Pierre Henry had offered Lily Rose a ride in his sidecar across the vast prairies stretching east of the Rocky Mountains. They set out early to take advantage of the cool morning air. The motorcycle began to gain speed. Lily Rose trembled with emotion: she had never had the opportunity to ride in such an exciting vehicle! As her heart vibrated in sync with the rhythm of the engine, she closed her eyes and let herself go, while the cool wind caressed her face. Just as she opened her mouth wide to enjoy the intense pleasure of speed a huge beetle passed by and entered the back of her throat. No one knows what happened to the beetle, but as far as Lily Rose is concerned, she has ipso facto become a vegetarian.