Hermès Birkin Rainbow X-Ray (sold)


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James Chiew turned Hermès’ world-famous Birkin bag into an amazing “lenticular” work of art. Because multiple layers are used in the artwork, depth and movement are created when viewed from various angles. This Birkin bag goes through the X-Ray machine at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, making the exclusive contents highly visible. This is a work of art you must have seen with your own eyes! Manufactured in a numbered edition of only 10 pieces. So a true collector’s item! Beautifully framed in a sleek black frame with silver top, fitted with very clear Museum glass. On view in our gallery, for sale (online) and available in our art loan. Upon purchase you will receive a certificate of authenticity, delivery time 1-2 business days, delivery Netherlands €39.95.

‘In this art series, James Chiew explores men’s curious fascination with the contents of ladies’ bags as they pass through airport security. The series captures the excitement and fantasy of imagining what might be hidden inside these bags, with each piece revealing a different bag as it passes through the X-ray machine. Using the idea of an X-ray machine and the lenticular printing technique adds an interesting element to the series, allowing the viewer to see beyond the surface of the bags and into their contents.

James Chiew is a multidisciplinary self-taught artist whose works explore themes of pop culture and abstract expressionism. Chiew’s artworks have blurred the line between StreetArt and fine art, to create something new that captivates people from all walks of life.


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