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Abstract paintings

Amersfoort Art has a large collection of abstract paintings

Abstract artworks are works of art that are not direct representations of reality. Instead, they use color, shape, line, texture and other elements of visual language to create abstract compositions.

Abstract art emerged in the early 20th century as a reaction to traditional, realistic painting. Abstract artists wanted to break away from the constraints of realism and emphasize the expression of emotions and ideas through pure forms and colors.

Abstract art can range from completely non-figurative (that is, there are no recognizable forms in the artwork) to semi-abstract (in which some recognizable forms are included, but they are highly simplified or stylized).

Abstract art can be seen as a form of art that emphasizes the viewer’s imagination and the emotions evoked by the work, rather than the recognition of objects from reality. Want to buy abstract art? Amersfoort Art includes abstract artworks by William Malucu, Martin Copier, Philippo, Enric Pont, Bart van Oijen and Quraish and many more. View the full collection online or stop by the gallery in Amersfoort!